About me

I moved from Mexico to Dallas with my family in December of 2006. Since that time, I have devoted myself to working in the care and education of the children at Little Giants Daycare . The children I care for receive all my love every day, and now are like my family. I always wished to have a career working with children, but destiny had other plans for me. At first I studied accounting, then I came to Texas, I choose to open Little Giants Daycare, and began building my dream. Now I am doing what I really love which includes helping to raise healthy children and support parents who need help with his/her children during the first years of life. I believe that the roots of future success and happiness begin in the first few years of life, This is the reason that every day I give the children at Little Giants Daycare an environment of love, fun, education, and trust. This is what I will offer your children as well. A child who received this kind of education will learn to be happy, self-reliant, and selfsufficient. They will be able to rise to any challenge, and make the smartest/best desicion in life.

About Discipline

My discipline policy consists of a very simple set of principles: • Setting realistic limits and consistently enforcing them. • Re-enforcing positive behavior. • Providing children choices based on their interests, age, and/or • ability. • Intervening before a situation gets out of hand. • Modeling appropriate behavior. You will find this further explained in the contract.